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[IP] IP softsets not so soft

    Hi my name is Julie I have been diabetic for 18 years and on the MM pump 
506 for 10 yrs .. lately I am having a big problem with my softset .. I tend 
to perspire a lot and because of this my site get loose and either falls out 
or moves to cause redness and sometimes infection also my soft sets have been 
leaking .. I have called MM and told then how upset I am with this because 
this is the third time in a row they have had to replace them... I am 
thankful that they are replacing then for me but I am changing my site like 
every day if I wanted to do that I would have stayed on shots ... so I guess 
my question is how do I get the site to stay put .. and has anyone else 
experience leaking of the site :-) thanks Julie 
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