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[IP] no delivery alarm

Last night I forgot to check my reservoir,  I had been traveling and
forgot.  When I got home I realized that I was not only tired but that I
felt like my sugar was high.  I had checked 2 hours earlier and was
105,  I then bolused and ate a meal.  I am certain that I bolused fairly
correctly as I often eat this same meal.  Anyhow at the later bg check I
was  231.  I decided to do a high bg bolus and then entered the amount.
At 1.2 units the no delivery alarm sounded and I saw I was out of
insulin.  The questions are: had I already run out of insulin thus
causing the high? and did I get any of the 1.2 units?  I went ahead and
bolused the  insulin I had already preprogrammed, once I had a new
receiver and tubing connected to my site. I then went to bed.  I got up
3 hours later and was then at 182 and did another high bs bolus.  When I
got up this AM I was 105 and back to normal.  Any thoughts? Sheila

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