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Re: [IP] 504 help

One suggestion for all parents of school-age kids, PARTICULARLY middle-
and high-school kids, whether on the pump or not:

School administration is not always reliable about telling TEACHERS
about potential medical emergencies that kids may have -- and not all
teachers are able to attend 504 meetings (which may not be scheduled
promptly, anyway!).  Plus the kid himself may be shy about telling a
teacher, so please take the extra time and send each teacher a note on
the first day of school explaining what they need to know!

Last year I had a diabetic kid in my class (I teach high school) -- but
I didn't KNOW it until SEVEN weeks had passed, when I finally got a note
from the nurse with an inappropriate and outdated care plan. 

Fortunately, nothing ever happened to this kid in class, but I didn't
like the fact that I hadn't been told in a timely manner -- what if
something HAD happened???? 

Of course, I would have recognized what was going on if he had tested in
class (he didn't), but what about other teachers who don't have a clue
about diabetes? What if he had had a goofy low -- would I have merely
thought he was misbehaving? What if he had passed out at his desk? 

What he DID do was take swigs of Coke every day -- it was against the
school rules, but once I knew WHY he was doing it, I let it pass -- but
what about a STRICT teacher (I'm not! :)  ) ? 

I guess what I'm saying is that I think most teachers WILL help and
support your child, but they can't do it unless they KNOW what is

Smiles and off soapbox!

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