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Re: [IP] Re: Schools against kids

I remember when I was in junior high school and had a nurse with a serious 
lack of compassion!  I had to do all my testing and injections in her office 
and her attitude was that I was a huge nuisance.  If I came in with a low and 
needed a snack I would basically be treated as though I did something to 
cause the low and that I was in total control of how my blood sugars were and 
that I must have made a mistake if I was low.  I was so relieved to go to 
high school and have a much better nurse who didn't make it a big deal if I 
needed help!  The high school nurse even purchased juice boxes and snacks for 
us diabetics with her own money to keep in her office!  I am even more 
relieved I am now in college.  No more having to be embarrassed about having 
diabetes and having other people hate the attention it can bring.

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