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[IP] night time highs/basals

you know ...I really thought I had this night time thing figured out.

the period of time between when she comes home from school (3:15)  and about
3 am...is the pits.

she is always high and constantly eating.  I never know whether it is food
or her basals that are making her have numbers between 200-300.

I am looking at this 8- 12 midnight period AGAIN!

several of you who have 10 yr. olds near 86 lbs. have them on 0.7 during
this time.  (I kept my notes)

has anyone done anything higher?  do your kids plummet suddenly after

this is all too frustrating.

we have NO problem from 3 am until wake up time.  the best levels all day. I
just wish I could tell geneva that she could spend the night somewhere
because right now...we are still doing 12 and 3 am TESTS.

thanks for letting me vent.

and the heck with the guy who thought this was a CHAT line!!!

ruth and geneva
age 10 and pumping since june.

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