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Re: [IP] Re: Schools against kids

Sherry, yes, school nurses are supposed to be there for our kids!  They are 
trained to care for kids!  Not act as though my son is a "problem".  Matthew 
is very capable of taking care of himself and treating unthreatening 
lows.......but what if one day he doesn't or can't?  We depend on another 
person to be responsible for our kids!  How can we depend on them or feel 
comfortable knowing they are responsible for caring if they really don't 
"care" because this is unique or they are too "busy".  I guess you have a 
different perspective being the "child" not the "parent".  And no-one said 
ALL school nurses fall under this category!!!!!  The nurse who replaced 
Matt's nurse while on maternity leave, was  a Godsend!  Unfortunately it was 
only temporary!

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