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[IP] RE: IP schools against kids

Just got an e-mail from a friend with D kid in school.  Here is a quote from
him describing his experience with the ever compassionate ignorant

"Well things are going great with us after ruffling a few more
feathers at school (principal).  I tried to meet with him at end of
School year and one of his comments was he was there to accommodate the
school and not John."

This guy had to go to the Superintendent to get resolution.

Just think what would be happening to our kids if we didn't have the weight
of the federal government behind us.

For anybody that doesn't know yet:

	Your kids have the right to a free and appropriate public education.
To be fully integrated with the rest of the student body with the least
stigmatism.  To participate fully in all programs.  The school must make
reasonable accommodation to allow them to participate fully and assist them
with their medical needs.

Being forced to leave class to test and eat is not full participation IMHO.

Curtis Lomax

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