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Re: [IP] batteries and $$$$$

Because I am genetically pre-disposed to "shop" everything, I have found the
Everyready 357's for about $1.79 each during the  past year. Unfortunately
the regional chain was bought by Eckerd's and the  price is now about $2.79.
I watch for sales and since battery shelf is relatively long, I will buy
about a dozen at  time.
BTW, I change batteries every 6 to 8 weeks.

The other consideration is that if your insurance pays for batteries, your
out of pocket might be less if you bought them through MM or another
supplier and had a receipt.  Although I have had to be assertive to almost
the point of aggressiveness with my carrier over some reimbursement issues,
I hate to overpay and pass that on to the "system".  I imagine I could get a
receipt from the pharmacy and submit it and send my reimbursement on to
Michael to support this web page.

Excuse the ramble.

    _ `\<,_   Irv
   (_)/  (_)

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