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Re: [IP] batteries and $$$$$

On  7 Sep 99 at 7:53, Ruth Schneider wrote:

> my question now is...is it cheaper to purchase the battery supply from MM as
> we just did...or to go to Walmart or Target or someplace and buy them there?
> anyone price checking these things?

The problem is that Walmart, Target and the other retailers push for lower 
prices from the suppliers.  The way they get these lower prices is to accept 
"second tier" batteries or other lower quality batteries as tested by the 
manufacturer.  They also have a longer time on the shelf becuase they don't 
restock unless the batteries are sold.  Out of curiosity I checked the local 
Walmart and found some batteries that were close to expiration on the shelf.  

MiniMed and other "high cost" suppliers demand only "first tier" batteries from 
the supplier and also seem to rotate their stock better.  There have been 
several accounts over the past few years about people buying batteries from 
Wally world or Radio Shack only to have them go dead in a short time...  Even 
with the higher price of the MiniMed labelled batteries the extra life seems to 
be worth it.  It also might help if they start going dead quickly and the pump 
is under warranty.  Since you're using their batteries they are less likely to 
blame them...

There also seems to be a rating system for batteries - one of the battery 
companies published a sheet a few years ago on the categories.  It seems that 
batteries for medical applications get the first tier or highest quality 
batteries, second tier goes to some manufacturers and retailers and the third 
tier goes under the heading "general consumer use"...  even though all the 
batteries looked the same on the outside there are some differences.  I saw it 
with some other materials that were talking about the "counterfiet parts" 
problem that some suppliers are dealing with.  It seems that some wholesalers 
were relabelling batteries too...

Randall P. Winchester
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