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Re: [IP] Re: Upmp Bolus cals & Medicare Quandry

--- donley <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Where it seems that the bolus dose especially is
> pretty much the
> patient's to determine ? and carb counting is
> something I've never
> before done, Too many years on the ADA DIet I
> guess...
> What kind of training could help me overcome my
> inability to calculate
> my own bolus doses ?

I don't know if this will help, but it worked for me
in starting to carbohydrate count.  Learn the carbo
value of each food exchange, bread,milk, and fruit are
generally 15 gm of carbo; vegetables are ? (sorry I
don't remember).  Go ahead and plan your meals based
on your exchange plan.  Then calculate carbohydrate
grams based on the exchange values: (just an example)

2 bread + 1 milk + 2 fruit =  2(15)+15+2(15) = 75

It is only an approximate, but it gets you started, do
this for practice for a while, then start using a
carbohydrate counting book and serving information
listed on packaging to fine tune it.  (for example 8
oz milk is really 12 gms, and a slice of bread is
usually 11-15 gms)  Once you get comfortable with this
you'll be ready to adjust your insulin (bolus) to your
carbohydrate intake.

When I first started carbo counting, this was the only
way I could do it...I was so accustomed to exchanges
that it was pratically unconscious.  After 2 years,
I'm still fine tuning carbo counting...I still have
problems considering protien and fat along with carbos
when figuring my bolus, but I'm getting there!

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