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[IP] batteries, warnings, and $$$$$

As I understood it.  The Minimed pump used only 3 silver oxide batteries 
(everready #357).  These are very common watch batteries available wherever 
watch batteries are sold (I did this research on my own.  This is not from 
MM).  The Disetronic uses 3 lithium batteries that you have to get from them. 
 The reason being that they're packaged in some kind on case which can't be 
opened.  I also was under the impression that Disetronic sent batteries to 
their users on a regular basis.

Is there actually a lithium battery in the Minimed pump?  I thought it worked 
on just the 3 batteries that were installed.

As for warnings, my pump displayed a low battery warning.  I changed them as 
soon as I noticed, and went on my way.  To be honest though, I don't know how 
long that warning was displayed.

I don't know how much the batteries from MM costs.  I've only been pumping 
for about 2.5 months.  I'm still working on the 1 year supply.  However, I do 
know that in a pinch, one of the watch places that sells batteries will sell 
them for $3.75 a piece.  They want more for installation, but I won't let 
anyone touch my pump.  Certainly not a person that doesn't know anything 
about it.

Well, that's my nickel's worth

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