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Re: [IP] batteries and $$$$$

hmm must be the MM takes "normal Batteries"??

 I know when Ken's Disetronic died.. and we THOUGHT he needed Batteries, just 
after he got here.. NO ONE had them.. <frown> thank GOD for some rep that 
happened to be in the area!!  and I know some of you will ask HOW he could 
ever allow himself to be THAT low on batteries.. as to not HAVE any spares.. 
and all I can tell you.. is that it's a LONG.. not so pretty story.. and it's 
a miracle he's still alive!! 

I searched  frantically.. while he was in emergency for Pump Batteries.. 
hating leaving him for a second... yet not getting help from anyone in the 
hospital OR local diabetes center..because pumps are SO rare up here... <or 
so they say> 

He begins seeing a new endo next Monday.. this endo is the only one local who 
oversees pumpers... keep your fingers crossed that he can get the assistance 
and guidance here that he needs!!

sorry .. for rambling.. 
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