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[IP] Re: Silhouette Insertion (long)....revision!! :-)

Hi Pumpers & Linda,

Linda wrote:
<<<<A very well written explanation, but I don't understand why the
cannula for
the new silhouette would have insulin in it.  I can see that the tubing

THANK YOU for taking the time to read that LONG description, and for
picking up my error.  Yes, of course you DO have to bolus/prime for the
cannula with a NEW insertion.  I guess I had  (what my friends
affectionately call) an over 40 moment (LOL).  I was thinking about the
odd time when we have to change the syringe & tubing, but the site is
still working.  In that case, the existing cannula still has insulin in
it. (like today actually)  I am now eating my humble pie, and you know,
it doesn't taste too bad <g>

When I was typing that in the office, it was a zillion degreess, and
although I read it a gazillion times, I hesitated to send it because I
was afraid I might miss something.  That is why I made an IP posting,
and sent it directly to Kelly as well.  I am SO glad you picked up on
it.  I am forwarding this to Kelly too, so that she gets the revision

Any other ommission or errors, PLEASE let me know so I can forward them
to Kelly.  I should have had that pint of rum I mentioned in the
writeup...well actually, a wine cooler would make me swing from
chandeliers so that would not be a pretty sight.  I am going to get a
HUGE  glass of icewater right now though.  The humble pie had a dry
crust <vbg>

Barb....Erica's mom

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