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[IP] Re: Glucagon

Ok, I don't know where the thread started but someone asked:

email @ redacted wrote:
> I have never used glucagon, and do not now even have it in the house.

> snip

> With my own circumstances revealed, I wonder, which pumpers used glucagon?
> What were the circumstances?

My mom had glucagon at home from the day I was diagnosted at age
She kept refilling it when the date on the packaging expired.
The first time she used it was in 1991 when I was 14.  
Puberty caused me to start having huge swings in the 4-7am
stretch.  In the 19 years that I have been diabetic I have been
injected with glucagon 5 times and all 5 times I believe it saved
my life.  4 times by my mother and once by an paramedic who couldn't
find a vein to give me Dextrose 50/50.  It is something that only
works if you are living with someone who is comfortable using it.
And only necessary if you are not responding, or won't take sugar any 
other way.  My mom always tried OJ with sugar mixed in and a straw.
If she told me to suck on it I would.   If I wouldn't and was
delerious(my other major sympom), she would use the glucagon.

I have an active set in the house, although my husband has never 
used it.  He had one occasion when he should have, but opted to
call an ambulance because I was convulsing and he thought the 
needle whould break if he tried.

Ok, now everyone thinks I am not under control...well to explain
better.  All of my lows occured in the 4-7am time period when
I was sleeping.  My major symptom when low is sleepiness. So
when awake I test myself whenever I am tired.  When I am sleeping
it DOES NOT WAKE ME UP.   So my sugars continue to drop.  However
it does cause me to talk in my sleep, which wakes my husband up. :)

Hope this answers anyones questions.
As for how I store it?  It is in my bedside table drawer.  However
I have central air, so the temp in my house is almost always a 
constant 72.

-- Sherry
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