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[IP] "Rally for a cure" signatures wanted

Hello everyone,
My son Padan (dx'd 4/98) is collecting signatures for the ADA Rally for a Cure, which will be held in March at Washington, D.C.  The ADA is trying to get one million signatures by Jan 15 to encourge the government to spend more of the $40 billion they spend on treating people for finding a cure.
Here's where you can help, Padan is trying to collect 2,500 signatures.  The neat thing is they can be collected by just getting the person's O.K. so we can get them by e-mail.  We just need your full name, city and state you live in.  Children can also be included!  If anyone would like to help Padan please send the above info to email @ redacted  Anyone who sends in 2,500 signatures will be flown to D.C. for the rally in March.  That's my son's goal.  Thanks in advance!  Kathy