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Re: [IP] Schools against kids

Boy do i agree!  I guess if you get a descent school nurse your considered 
lucky!  Today Matt went back to school and to boot the school is 
"overcrowded" so they have 2  fifth grade classes in "trailers" Matt being in 
one of them. Now keep in mind, the trailers are detached from the school, so 
the kids must go outside to go back into the school building, for lunch, 
bathroom, water etc......i know what you are all thinking, unfortunately I 
wanted this particular teacher for Matt so he's in the trailer, otherwise 
they would of accomodated him by keeping him in the building.  So Matt and i 
decided to set up the nurses office with supplies as well as the trailer. So 
i go to take the tupperware with 2nd meter, strips, juice, glucose tabs, and 
snacks, i thought i'd run into trouble because of all the posts i've read, so 
i decided to buy a small sharps container for the "bloody" strips (this is 
other peoples observations) and the lancets.......only to here the nurse 
start complaining, that she is worried about the other children and sharps in 
the classroom!  Well thank goodness for this site, because it gave me the 
confidence to back up my decision.  I stood my ground and told her that Matt 
is very responsible and the teacher is fully aware of the situation.  She 
then goes on to say......maybe he should test in the closet area!!!!!  
AHHHHHHH, only because this is unique, Matt is the only one with D in over 
800 students!  I say you wait until he gets his pump, then you will see 
unique, it chimes, beeps and has alarms, what will you say to that!!!!!!!  
She got my point!  I later ran into the principal who didn't say one word 
about NOT testing in the classroom!!!!!!!!  I just really needed to vent!  
Hope everyone's first day didn't start this way!  It's only 10:44!!!!!  I 
need to go calm myself!

Matt is on the path to pumping!

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