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[IP] Re: [IPn] Please help support Insulin Pumpers

Dear Michael,

I will send you a personal donation today.

Have you considered seeking some corporate sponsorship?  I know this is
tricky, but it shouldn't be impossible as long as there's no conflict of
interest.  For example, if both MiniMed and Disetronic, the two pump
competitors supported our list/site, no one could claim undue
influence.  And the meter mfrs. likewise - there are several, and they
are locked in a cutthroat battle for market share of strip consumables,
literally giving away their expensive meters to get more.  I'd think
that they'd all be interested in increasing their public profiles by
supporting a forum in which their products are discussed frequently.

Etc., etc.

Their must be lawyers on this list who could advise you concerning how
to avoid possible liabilities if you took such a course.

Best of luck, and thanks again for making this valuable resource
possible to so many of us who need it badly.

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