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[IP] Re: weight loss at diagnosis

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] weight loss at diagnosis??
> there are days when I am tempted to rip this pump off and lose the 20 lbs that
> I have gained.  I was told that I would not gain any
> weight getting on the pump.  I was in seventh heaven before diagnosis.  I
> could eat and eat and not gain weight and then finally started
> losing weight.
> Gwenn


You lost weight before diagnosis because your body wasn't working correctly!
Most people with normal metabolism cannot eat and eat without gaining weight.
How long ago were you diagnosed?  I gained about 20 lbs in the year after I was
diagnosed, but it was weight I had either lost or had never gained while I was
sick.  Also, I don't know how old you are, but my metabolism changed pretty
drastically when I was about 19.  Suddenly I had to be more conscious of what I
was eating, because I started to gain weight much more quickly.

The pump itself shouldn't cause you to gain weight.  I'd suggest first looking
at other issues--the amount of insulin you take, how many lows you are having to
treat, thyroid levels, etc.--before assuming the pump is the cause.

Best of luck.


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