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Re: [IP] Re: refrigerated glucagon

On 6 Sep 99, at 14:50, Joanne Spotten wrote:

> email @ redacted wrote:
> > I have never used glucagon, and do not now even have it in the house.
> > snip
> I haven't used glucagon but my endo wants all on insulin to have it and
> you can't start the pump without having it at home, which makes sense
> given the increased possibility of hypos when starting.

I have never used Glucagon, and have only been in the situation of
"needing it" three times in my 35 years.  True, when I started the
pump, hypo's were very common.  Except they were of the type
where you knew they were happening and just "turning off" the
pump gave you the feeling of being in control (not anything like
what happens on NPH).  This is just another case of YMWV, so I
would not expect it to be "mandatory" for everyone.

Now as to the question of refridgeration, the Lilly site                  
[ http://pi.lilly.com/glucagon-prescribing.pdf ] says:

"The USP defines controlled room temperature by the following: A
temperature maintained thermostatically that encompasses the
usual and customary working environment of 20 to 25C (68 to
77F); that results in a mean kinetic temperature calculated to be
not more than 25C; and that allows for excursions between 15
and 30C (59 and 86F) that are experienced in pharmacies,
hospitals, and warehouses."

No mention of "refridgerators"   ;>)


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