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[IP] Kids and neuropathy

With regards to Holly's question about parents noticing neuropathy symptoms
in their kids:

14 y/o Liz started pumping in May and has not experienced any of these
symptoms since then. However, prior to pumping she had the same complaints
of tingling and numbness which we brought to the attention of both her
primary care dr. and her endo. We got the brush off from her PC too, with
just the comment  "to keep our eyes on it". Her endo tested her thyroid but
that wasn't the problem.
On one occasion her foot was cold and had a bluish tinge to it. She was
taking Dimetapp at the time and her doctor said to discontinue it because
it contained an ingredient that could contribute to the problem and that he
didn't encourage young patients to use it. Liz has not used Dimetapp since
then and that problem never happened again.

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