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Re: [IP] We have our Prescription :)& First Annual IP reunion?

>>Well, we finally had our long awaited appointment with the IWK and
after a
morning of being poked, prodded and interviewed, we have our pump

Hi Wendy and IPers

I was so excited to meet Wendy and her family, and give them the
opportunity to meet some pumping kids.  It had made such a difference to
our startup....now Wendy and Joe have to take the marriage/significant
other test......insert infusion sets into each other!!  It made us much
more relaxed when we knew what Erica would have to go through.

When Wendy called me on her cellphone, on their way home to PEI from
Nova Scotia, to relate their great news.....I had leaky eyes:)  It
brought me right back to the night that I received the call to go ahead
with a trial period.  I cried for joy for hours and could hardly sleep
for days!!  I am so happy that another family is going to benefit from
the physical and emotional boost that is achieved from pumping.
Well....after you get past the sleepless nights <g>

Now three eastern Provinces of Canada are joined by a common
link.......parents who wanted pumps for their children, fought the
fight, won the war, and relish in the outcome. There are other pumpers
in each province, but it is kinda neat that we are able to reach out,
diminish the distance and bring 'former' strangers together.  All
because of a wonderful thing called 'Insulin Pumpers' :)  Geez
Michael...........your ears must be burning all the time......lots being
said about Insulin Pumpers and the man who makes it happen :)

I am not caught up on my Digest yet as we were away, but I think we will
have another person join us from the province of New Brunswick.  This
gentleman called me on Wednesday night, and we had a lovely chat.  The
Canadian Minimed rep gave him my name and phone number.  He has been
researching for a while and is VERY keen to start pumping.  He knew of a
few people who had problems with their sites, having to change them
daily, to twice daily.  MIX INSULIN!!  I told him about the problem we
had with Erica, can you remember the days?...and asked him to pass along
the suggestion to these poor people.  I shudder to think that we might
have given up pumping if we hadn't been given the suggestion to start
mixing insulin.  Also, I sent along the IP address and hopefully he will
be joining us soon.

We had a lovely weekend camping, and our  'angel' and her adorable
pumping son joined us for a relaxing and busy time.  Parents
relaxed......kids were busy nonstop.
Tears flowed all around when they left today to travel back to their
home, which is a four hour drive away in another province, and we look
forward to seeing them again. The Smores were incredibly good and to see
chocolate dripping out the corners of diabetic kids mouths, and
marshmallows from head to foot.....well, it was emotional and sticky!

Because the pump and the IP has introduced us to so many people and a
different way of life, it would be SOOOOOO wonderful to meet some of the
people we type to so often.  We'll start saving airmiles....when is the
first annual IP reunion?  What a hoot that would be!  Now, could I
suggest it be held in central Canada LOL.  Our American friends gain
.40+  cents on every dollar after all.   It would likely be the most
relaxing trip we will ever take...no fear of running out of supplies.
Seriously, wouldn't it be fun?  Well?

Time to chase Erica down......a shower in Javex might be in store <vbg>

Barb....Erica's mom

ps....a use for all that unused tubing...we get Guinness (spelling?)(not
the gin...the world record people)to sponsor the reunion (well some
people might want the gin:)
and we could make the world's largest ball of tubing!!  Or...we could
convince the infusion set manufacturers to match every 2nd tubing with
an infusion set!  Or....we could use it to dangle pinatas from....full
of candy for the kids....and they could have a free for all.
Or......tie people's legs together for those silly races.  Person with
the most tubing gets a trip to Wherever...sponsored by the manufacturers
of course!
Gotta go now.....I am getting carried away......

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