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[IP] Re: refrigerated glucagon

Subject: [IP] refrigerated glucagon

>we were told to keep it at room temp.

I have never used glucagon, and do not now even have it in the house.

Prepump, I was revived 3 times by EMS, and received glucose by IV from them
once.  Twice I insisted upon orange juice, candy or glucose gel instead, and
they accommodated me.  I didn't like the first experience of getting my
veins bruised, nor the expense, and the dosage was so inestimable that the
result was a hyperglycemia.

Since pumping, I have had no serious hypos (where I cannot recover by
myself).  I thought that pumping fast acting insulins pretty much makes
hypos a thing of the past.

With my own circumstances revealed, I wonder, which pumpers used glucagon?
What were the circumstances?

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