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[IP] Re:pregnancy team

< I need to know which doctor I should talk to about this.  my endo, an
ob doc?  I hear other women saying they have a whole team for their
pregnancy.  I would appreciate any guidance you all could offer.>

  Dante, I would reccomend a high-risk OB.  There are a number available
who subspecialize in endocrinology.  Granted, they usually deal more with
infertility, but they should have the knowledge about diabetes, too. 
Call around to some offices and ask if they are used to dealing with
diabetics/people with diabetes, and how they feel about the pump.  That
and a good endocrinologist should put you in good shape.  It's a big
decision.  Whatever you decide, good luck!

IDDM 19 years
mother of one wonderful 10 year old

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