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Re: [IP] advice BEEN pregnant twice-experienced two types ofmanagement

At 12:02 PM 9/6/99 EDT, you wrote:
>I have two boys aged 6 and 9.  <<snip>>

Hey I forgot to put down how old my kids (I seem to only have girls...)
are! Mine are 3 and 10...
>Both boys are healthy.  Either way for me the pregnancies were stressful 
>since I had been told over twenty years before that I would never deliver
>children and maintain my health.  Boy were those doctors WRONG!

Carole, I can relate. Isn't it interesting how difficult it is that many
years later to get over something a doctor said? I guess it was true at the
time, women had their blood sugar taken once a week at the hospital, if
they were lucky! There were only urine tests...remember that?! When I was
at Joslin Clinic at the age of 21 I met a woman whose baby died in utero at
term (they made her deliver it naturally). She didn't have a good team, so
didn't take care of herself properly, including all those non-stress tests
that do happen to be aggravating but can save a baby's life...it really
brought home to me the importance of excellent glycemic control before and
during a pregnancy (after too if you nurse the baby!)


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