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Re: [IP] advice BEEN pregnant twice-experienced two types ofmanagement


I have two boys aged 6 and 9.  The first pregnancy was managed with a team.  
An endo and a ob/gyn.  I had many sonograms and non stress tests with Eric.  
He as delivered by C-section ten days early and weighed 9 1/2 lbs.  In 
addition to the diabetes, my family historically delivers large babies.  Eric 
was taken to a neonatal nursery and watched for about 6 hours for low blood 
sugars and came home with me as planned.  At the time the insurance company 
gave c-section births 3 days.

The pregnancy for Kevin (almost 3 years later) was managed by an ob/gyn with 
a specialty in diabetic pregnancies.  With this pregnancy I was instructed to 
do fetal kick counts three times a day and if the baby failed to move I was 
to call the doc and come in.  I had but a few sonograms but two days before 
the birth had an amnio to see if his lungs were developed.  Kevin also was 
large (10 lbs, 4 oz), a c-section two weeks early, spent time in a neonatal 
nursery and come home with me in two days.  Insurance had cut back the time 
for cesareans.  

Both boys are healthy.  Either way for me the pregnancies were stressful 
since I had been told over twenty years before that I would never deliver any 
children and maintain my health.  Boy were those doctors WRONG!

E-mail me back privately if you have any questions.  Oh by the way, I also 
maintained my health but under both methods I faxed my sugars to the doctors 
three times a week.

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