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[IP] pre-diagnosis

Dear Mag,

Your story sounds so much like ours. Kevin started with awful headaches the 
summer before diagnosis. We were thinking food allergies too. He already has 
ADHD, so the mood swings we were just thinking went with that. BUT then the 
medicine didnt seem to help as much anymore and the headaches were more 
constant. Poor kid would go to bed crying with them. We went to the docs 
about 6 x between June and December. He actually went 2 weeks before ending 
up in DKA. Doctor was having him try a medicine for migraines and keep a 
headache diary!   Now we know that it was all diabetes, because he never gets 
a headache unless his bg is high!

He has also had foot pain for 2 years. We have had him at a podiatrist who 
says it is normal for kids his age!

Keep in touch,

Mom of Kevin 11, dx 12/98
pumping since 5/99
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