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Re: [IP] Can't get post breakfast down

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> I was reading in "pumping insulin" by john walsh about spikes after meals
> and if your daughter is eating a high sugar cereal, as my daughter
> does....it  probably has a high glycemic index.    this would cause a spike
> two hours after breakfast.  if this is the case...you might try giving her
> whole wheat toast with butter and jelly or cheerios and equal or something
> like that.  see if her levels go high.

The other thing that just popped into my head is that the Pumping
Insulin book ALSO says that if you spike after a meal and then come
down, try taking your insulin just a little earlier. As opposed to going
up and staying up, in which case carb ratio needs to be changed. 

For me, taking my insulin 5 minutes before the meal instead of with the
first bite really DOES make a difference. 

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