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Re: [IP] advice

Dante wrote:
I think
>the time is coming close for the next step and that would be getting
>pregnant.  this is where I need help.  wait, I know how it's done, I need
>to know which doctor I should talk to about this.  my endo, an ob doc?  I
>hear other women saying they have a whole team for their pregnancy.  I
>would appreciate any guidance you all could offer.


I'm at (or soon hope to be) the stage you are in life...& as I am soon-to-be
35, the clock isn't ticking any slower!!  Two years ago, when I brought up
the suject of planning a pregnancy with my primary care
physician/gynecologist, she said that she wanted to see a year of good,
solid control prior to conception, & she also said that my endo would likely
be more knowledgable, as far as the implications/concerns with diabetes &
pregnancy go.  The endo repeated the 1-year waiting period (I was pretty
brittle as far as wide number swings when this came up)...then after that
year of good control via MDI's,he gave me the go-ahead to pursue a
pregnancy, which they would BOTH closely supervise (not the "pusuit" part,
the pregnancy itself!  :)  ) - with an OB/gyn on the team as well.  Anyway,
life threw a few financial curves that made it a not-very-feasable plan at
that time- which was probably good, since my sugars went all out of whack
again in the meanwhile, leading me to become motivated enough to become a
pumper.  Now that things are settling down to a more even keel, I'm hoping
soon to work on the "parenting project" before I'm so far over the hill that
I have trouble climbing back up it to check out the view on the other side!

I'm sure you'll get some responses from those who have been (or are
currently) in the prenatal care stage that might be more helpful- but I
thought I'd throw in the two-cent's worth my doctors gave me.  Best of luck,
& let me know how it goes...for future reference here!  :)


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