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Re: [IP] Can't get post breakfast down

Wow, can I relate. I have always had post breakfast highs too. It stinks
when you have your day start out that way, huh? My doc just considered it a
continuation of the "dawn phenomenon" and kept my basal rate up for a few
hours after breakfast, and it went away, but of course this was when I went
on the pump at the age of 35 so that won't necessarily help your daughter. 

At 01:15 AM 9/6/99 EDT, you wrote:
>I always have post breakfast highs .. I am now 26 and got diabetes when I
>8 I remember the puberty years it is not fun .. I would listen to the doc
>just make sure you daughter has candy with her .. incase of the bottoming .. 
>as notify the school nurse .. I can identify ... and finding that balance is 
>hard ..  I wish I had more advice but then to keep in touch with the doctor 
>as she goes though this stage 
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