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[IP] job interviews

It is a decision that has been for me, met with mixed emotions.  Personally, 
a year and a half ago when I applied for my first full time/benefits, etc., 
job, I refrained from telling my employer that I had diabetes.  I did not 
feel the need to do so at that point, and did not find the appropriate time.  
I guess my rationale was that I was as good as the next guy, and I did not 
want anything to lead the way to the next guy edging me out.  I did tell my 
employer that I had diabetes once I was offered a job ... before signing the 
contract - I felt that it was only fair for me to be open about it at that 
point. For me, it was a decision that worked.  I guess I just wanted to make 
sure that I got a fair shake.

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