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Re: [IP] Can't get post breakfast down

email @ redacted wrote:
> I need some opinions here, since day 1 of school my daughter's 2 hr post
> breakfast numbers are in the 300's (some days as high as 380).  She
> consistently has 4 carbs and was taking 6 units Humalog.  Yesterday we
> increased to 7.5 units and her two hour post was 298.  Today 8.5 units (she
> started out alittle higher) and post was 313!!  I am so worried that whatever
> hormones are kicking in are soon going to stop as fast as they started, and
> she is going to be at school when she hits bottom, fast.
> She is only 10 and weighs 81 pounds and a 1:6 am ratio seems crazy to me.

I'm confused!  Are you talking about 4 grams of carbs, or 4 exchanges,
which would be 60 grams of carbs?

I don't understand where the "1:6 ration" is coming from. 

Some of the parents who are shepherding girls through adolescence may
have some suggestions for you -- I'm just trying to understand what's

Good luck! 
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