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Re: [IP] Kids and neuropathy

What your describing is "tingling" or "falling asleep sensation", does 
anyones children cry with pain in ankles and knees, especially most often 
when lying still?  Our pediatrician is excellent and did a battery of 
bloodwork on Matt who is 10 and newly diagnosed, 8 mos ago, and i'm not sure 
if she checked for thyroid function?  I know she ruled out Lyme , Lupus, and 
arthritis, i will call and see if she checked his thyroid.  Any info on this 
greatly appreciated, sometimes he DOES complain of tingling sensations as 
well, but not as often as pain.  And i agree the endo is real fast to say oh 
no it couldn't happen that quickly.  My opinion, and this is only an opinion, 
i'm new at all this, is that i don't truly know how long Matt was "diabetic", 
they claim only "months", maybe.....but i feel it was much much 
longer.....like years.....i'll explain.  I started treating Matt for what i 
thought were"food" allergies when he was 4yrs old.  I couldn't take the 
headaches....stomach aches....nasty temper tantrums....any longer and all i 
got from my pediatrician then was kids will be kids...so at that point i 
started taking books out of library.  After diagnosis i realized all his 
symptons were high blood sugar related!  Now that he's on insulin he is 
eating all the foods and drinks i thought he was "allergic" too and he's 
fine.  Other than the occasional moody low or moody high.........sorry this 
post got sooo long, i just felt it a perfect oppurtunity to bring this 
up......Matt on the path to pumping....

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