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[IP] Can't get post breakfast down

I need some opinions here, since day 1 of school my daughter's 2 hr post 
breakfast numbers are in the 300's (some days as high as 380).  She 
consistently has 4 carbs and was taking 6 units Humalog.  Yesterday we 
increased to 7.5 units and her two hour post was 298.  Today 8.5 units (she 
started out alittle higher) and post was 313!!  I am so worried that whatever 
hormones are kicking in are soon going to stop as fast as they started, and 
she is going to be at school when she hits bottom, fast.
She is only 10 and weighs 81 pounds and a 1:6 am ratio seems crazy to me.  
Our CDE has suggested we try a square wave with 7 units and 1.5 over the next 
2 hrs, we will do this tomorrow.  Has anyone had this problem before?  Any 
insight to this situation would be great.  Thanks      Robin
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