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[IP] Twin Pregnancy

Looking for some support here.  I've met a lady who is pumping and six
months pregnant with twins.  She's feeling very alone at the moment.
Anybody on the list expecting twins, or had a multiple birth while pumping?

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From: WENDY <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: September 3, 1999 7:44 PM
Subject: [IP] We have our Prescription :)

>Hi All,
>Well, we finally had our long awaited appointment with the IWK and after a
>morning of being poked, prodded and interviewed, we have our pump
>prescription.  We are still in shock as we had anticipated some resistance.
>Can't wait to contact Disetronic on Tuesday (bleh to the long weekend) and
>get this show on the road.
>Special thanks to Barb and Erica, we dropped into their home last night on
>the way to Halifax and Greg had the opportunity to see not only one, but
>kids who were pumping (Julie and Bren were also visiting).
>While Greg was pretty quiet at Barb's I think that this experience made his
>whole attitude much more positive today and had a big impact on the
>prescription being passed over so readily.  No period of intensive control
>(they tell us that's what we've been doing since diagnosis - he's on four
>shots of humalog and two of humalin N daily, and he already tests 4 - 7
>times a day).  So, as soon as we can get everybody trained I guess we're up
>and running. Now I'm scared :)  Greg will be the first child to be pumping
>here in lil ole Prince Edward Island.
>Wendy (mom to 12 yr old Greg dx'd Dec 17/98)
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