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[IP] advice

I need a little help please.  I am 29 and have been a diabetic for 20
years.  when I was first diagnosed the docs had told my mom that it would
be difficult for me to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.  well we all
know that medical technology has come a long way since then.  I never
really wanted to become pregnant.  too many things going on.  well, my
husband graduated earlier this year and we opened our own business and it's
doing well.  in the spring we plan on looking for a house to buy.  I think
the time is coming close for the next step and that would be getting
pregnant.  this is where I need help.  wait, I know how it's done, I need
to know which doctor I should talk to about this.  my endo, an ob doc?  I
hear other women saying they have a whole team for their pregnancy.  I
would appreciate any guidance you all could offer.  

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