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Re: [IP] hypoglycemia, need advice, help

When Eve goes low and we notice it, we will
>ask her to test b/c we feel she is low. She will refuse to test. Next, we
>try to have her eat something but, once again she will refuse.
>Does this happen to others?
>What can we do differently?
>IS there anything we can we do differently?


You may have already gotten some good answers to this (I'm in the "catching
up all the piled-up e-mail reading stage this morning!), but I wanted to
offer you our experience here.  My friend Michelle, who hopes to be pumping
by October, has maintained very tight control for years with
MDI's...unfortunately, she's sometimes gone a bit too extreme in that area,
& had dangerous lows on a pretty regular basis.  She generally drinks a
juice box for a low- but when she gets really low, especially in the middle
of the night, she sometimes gets belligerent & refuses.  Her roommate
figured out that arguing was useless, & learned to do one of two things.  He
would casually offer her one ("hey, do you want some juice?") as opposed to
overtly saying anything connected with her possibly being low (which
sometimes got a very negative, defensive reaction), or he would say "I'm
hungry/thirsty & I'm going to have a snack- would you like some, too?"
Either way, she responded MUCH better when food or drink was offered with no
reference to a possible low, & 99% of the time accepted with no problem.  On
the other 1%, he would offer her choices- "What do you want to eat/drink?"
Usually this was okay, because she'd specify something they would pretty
commonly have in the house (grapes, crackers, etc.).  One night though, she
refused juice & demanded a cupcake.  Since they had nothing like that
available, & she was determined to consider no other offers, he told her
that they only had the new "liquid cupcakes" there...which she accepted &
drank a juice box with no problem!  :)

Although everyone is different, I think for her (& for me as well) a very
helpful thing is to be offered a choice, & not insistantly- it seems like if
people are pushing at me, I push back...in ways that would be very
uncharacteristic of my normal personality.  The important thing to remember
is that the person who is low is NOT their normal self, so often they will
not react as you would usually expect them to.  I've told my fiance that, as
far as that goes, try different approaches with me if I am unreasonable, &
do whatever works...if he has to tell me that glucose tablets are the
crunchy version of chocolate cream pie & I'm befuddled enough to believe
that (if I'm low enough to argue & refuse food, this is likely the case),
then so be it!

Wishing you the best of luck in finding ways that work!


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