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Re: [IP] Feeling Old and Cyclamates


Do you happen to know if there is any way to order it

I don't know anyone in Canada or anyone that is going there

Thanks in advance.


--- Charles A Soderstrom <email @ redacted> wrote:
> A reply to Nancy who said that she missed the Sucaryl
> made with Cyclamate a sugar substitute when it was forced
> of the market in the USA because it was" going to cause
> health problems".  The Abbott Laboratories for the USA
> market changed the sweetener in the USA Sucaryl to a
> mixture of saccharin and "?".
> The Canadian government did not raise any objections to
> the use of cyclamates .  Abbott Laboratories has and
> still is making Sucaryl using cyclamates for sale in
> Canada. Cyclamates are not damaged by heat. It has a very
> good taste and is excellent for canning  fruits.  You can
> bring it in to the US or get a friend that is going up
> there to bring you some. 
> Charles .. 

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