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Re: [IP] Kids and neuropathy

> My 10yo's endo. brushed us off when I expressed concern about possible 
> beginning neuropathy.  He said not possible, too early.  Yet she has a "funny 
> kind of pain" in her foot - this time it has gone on for 2 days.  Also, her 
> limbs go to sleep very easily.  Have any of you parents noticed these 
> symptoms in your children?  Can neuropathy begin this early.  Summer was dx'e 
> at 6, just started pumping 6/28.  Holly

Kids have open growth plates in the bones in their feet. It is not 
unusual for them to have pains there and elsewhere, particularly if they 
are active in activities that cause repetitive strain of the painful 
regions (like sports). I've got a non-diabetic 11 yo with exactly that 
problem for the last 1 year or so.

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