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Re: [IP] elusive lows

> How can you be high and still be have hypoglycemic unawareness?
Yes, it may take up to several months for awareness to return.

> Even though she has a high A1c could she still be going significantly low at
> times and this be the cause for her hypoglycemic unawareness?
Yes, frequent lows even of short duration condition the response.

> Could she be going low soon after she eats and then going high?
Possible but unlikely

> If she is getting too much insulin would that cause her to go high without
> us knowing it?
> If so, could this cause hypoglycemia unawareness and the high numbers we
> get?

more likely a hangover from pre-pump days

> Can the toe or other persistent minor infections intermittently affect bg's
> so as to make them look erratic, 
any infection or illness can cause demands on the body systems that will 
affect bg's

> can stubbing these toes cause the body to
> change bg's?
won't get a straight answer on this. heh... heh...
depends on how stressed out you get after stubbing the toe <g>
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