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re: [IP] carbs in POLENTA

I didn't want to tell you the wrong one so I have copied everything my
book has.  My carb book(Calories and Carbohydrates by Barbara Kraus) has

Polenta(San Gennaro):

Regular                   1/2" slice    7.5g
Basil & Garlic         1/2"slice     7.5g
Sun Dried Tomato   1/2" slice    8.0g

Also Cornmeal, White or Yellow:
                                              Measure          Carbs.
     (USDA)                             1Cup(4.3 oz)     90.9
     (Aunt Jemina/Quarker)        1Cup(4oz)        84.8
     (USDA)                             1Cup(4.9oz)    108.2
    (Aunt Jemina/Quaker)          1Cup(4oz)        88.8
 Self-rising Degermed
    (USDA)                              1Cup(5oz)       105.9
    (Aunt Jemina)                      1Cup(6oz)       126.0
  Self-rising, whole ground
   (USDA)                               1Cup(5oz)       101.4
  Whole ground unbolted
    (USDA)                              1Cup(4.3oz)      90.0
    (USDA)                              1Cup(8.5oz)     25.7
    (Albers)degermed                1Cup               25.5
    (Aunt Jemina/Quaker)
       bolted                              1Cup(4oz)         80.4

Hope this helps,

mother of Alex(10) pumping 1 month

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