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Re: [IP] MM Softset

Steve cleans his skin, then puts down the IV3000.  He then inserts the
Sof-set through the hole in the IV3000, uses the other tape to hold the
Sof-set to the IV3000.  He has NEVER lost a site using this method, even
with swimming in the lake during the summer.  He has never tried a
silhouette, because he likes the sof-serter and doesn't have to see the
needle go in.

Hi Sharon .. do you mean the harder tape <white backing> he puts on first ,,, 
then inserts the sof set ,, then the softer polyskin tape over that <orange 
and white backing> ?? and this does not interterfere with anything ??  that 
would be great because I have had a lot of trouble this summer with sweating 
and my site falling out ... just wondering :-)  Julie 
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