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[IP] Weight loss at diagnosis

on Wednesday,Jan 3, 1996.  The doctor did not immediately test for diabetes,
even though I mentioned it as a possibility.  He set us up for blood work
for the following Monday, Jan. 8--he thought Eric had mononucleosis.  We
were stranded by the blizzard of '96(which hit on Saturday, Jan.6) and
couldn't get out of our driveway until it was plowed on Tuesday, Jan 9.  By
this time, I knew positively that he had diabetes, and I was frantic.  At
the doctor's office on Jan 10, he registered a fasting bg 0f 265.  He
checked into the hospital with a bg over 400 and a weight of 110--total loss
of 25 pounds in about 2 months.  I shudder to think what could have happened
those days we were stranded by the blizzard.  The Lord was truly with us!

Betsy Smith
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