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Re: [IP] ordering supplies

In a message dated 9/4/99 6:35:00 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<.is it just as well to order online as on the
phone? will any one get received and shipped quicker? >>

I intended to order online this week, but had so much trouble with the site 
that I gave up and phoned.  The procedure for me has been that either way I 
order, they check insurance and someone calls me back "within 5 business 
days" (was 2 this time) and then the package is sent out (was sent overnight 
mail this time for some reason, so I got it on Friday after the initial call 
on Tuesday).  I have been told that I have an easy insurance, though.  But I 
have not been able to order 2 types of infusion sets in the same order -- the 
company insists my insurance would not approve it since one is more expensive 
than the other and they would only approve the cheaper one.  Doesn't make 
much sense to me, but I haven't pursued it.

Amy, if you are still not sure which you want, ask for some more samples of 
the one you are not ordering (didn't you have good luck with that before? 
<vbg>)  And they are very good about overnighting some if you are running low.

Linda Zottoli
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