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[IP] Hilton Head SC Help Needed

I know the IP list has to think my sister and I are the
two ditziest members of the club, but alas... again one of us
needs help.  Just to give somewhat of an explanation, Carolyn
has only been pumping for a month, this is her first trip from
home, and she left town 6 hrs late due to meetings/problems at
work so she left kind of in a rush.

She remembered all of her supplies except for the actual infusion
set.  She called around to no avail to find a place that sells
supplies on or near the island.

So if you happen to live in the Hilton Head, SC area and know of
a place where she could buy a single infusion set, please let
me know either by email @ redacted (I get digest normally) or
call me at 919-960-9282, or better yet call her at 843-689-3933.
Her name is Carolyn Fisher and all you have to say is that
Susan gave me your number via email.... (she asked me to
post this).

Thanks guys....

Susan Fisher
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