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Re: [IP] Re: Upmp Bolus cals & Medicare Quandry

Medicare quandry indeed... my roommate is having problems right now.. due to 
the fact that he relocated.. and is not able to get paperwork needed to get 

Infusions sets etc are expensive.. surrree.. he HAS a pump.. but.. ongoing 
needs can be financial nightmares.. and he happens to be one of those people 
for whom injections simply do not cut it.. HE NEEDS the pump.. Dr's here 
tried injections when his pump went bad.. he spent tooo much time in 
ambulances and hospitals..

wish i had a GOOD answer for you.. but what *I* have seen in NYS in the past 
few months.. has not left me feeling good about health care for those with 
disabilities at all... 

just my 2 cents.. because everyone should be informed.. good or bad.. before 
the decision is made.. 
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