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[IP] elusive lows

Last week (Aug. 31) I posted about Eve and the problems she has with
hypoglycemia unawareness. Many of you posted to raise her bg's. This is the
part I don't understand, when we check her, she is high most of the time
only about 10 or so times in the last week were her bg's below 150. One of
her problems is that she has wide swings in her bg's. Her last A1C (Aug.
13th) was 7.3. This suggests to me that her bg's are not going low. But, the
fact that she has hypoglycemia unawareness (can only feel lows 45 and under)
leads me to think that there is something else that is going on. One of the
other things is that she has a persistent toe infection. An ingrown toenail
is causing the infection.  I think that if we can get rid of this, things
might get better. She had been on antibiotics and found out she still has a
small infection. So the doctor wants to wait till all the infection is gone
to remove part of her toenail. We sometimes test  - 1 - 2 hours after she
eats and still find no solid pattern. I guess the questions I have are:

How can you be high and still be have hypoglycemic unawareness?

Even though she has a high A1c could she still be going significantly low at
times and this be the cause for her hypoglycemic unawareness?

Could she be going low soon after she eats and then going high?

If she is getting too much insulin would that cause her to go high without
us knowing it?

If so, could this cause hypoglycemia unawareness and the high numbers we

Can the toe or other persistent minor infections intermittently affect bg's
so as to make them look erratic, can stubbing these toes cause the body to
change bg's?

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