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[IP] ordering supplies

 Sort of noticed friday right before 4 that I need to (re)order
supplies from MiniMed for the first time. I have I think about 6 sets
left, so a few questions..is it just as well to order online as on the
phone? will any one get received and shipped quicker? I'm not too sure
about what sets I want, i'm thinking 4 boxes of sils nad 1 of sof
sets..gees, I still haven't made up my mind! it's just lately everytime
i put in a sil it hurts, it never used to, even w/o numbing creme, now
it does, I have one in my behind, NO NEEDLE for 24 hours and it's still
extremely sensitive, so i'm thinking even though i don't like sof sets
one box may be a saving grace for those times the sils hurt and i'm in
a rush ( i do have a sof serter anyhow) and are they likely to screwup
insurance over the phone? they did when i first got my pump b/c my
insurance covers 90%, but secondary covers the other 10% yet somehow
they charged us, and my mom thinks they were wrong,a nd are still
waiting for them to correct it, so????
 also, any one else have a 507c which sort of freezes on some commands
or numbers for a few seconds?
 take care
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