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[IP] softsets/tenders

yes,  geneva, age ten and pumping since june of this year uses this because
she doesn't like the idea of watching the needle go in.  the softset injects
much like the "inject-ease" that she used for injections.  she can't see the
needle itself.

it is different , though, in that there is an element of 'anticipation' as
to when the needle suddenly injects.  she has somewhat gotten over this
feeling, or at least isn't as vocal about it.

some people on this mailing list have voiced their pros and cons.  if you
are thin,  the tenders seem to be easier.  geneva is thin but has no problem
with the softsets.  she doesn't feel them at all.  if she does...we know
that we have to change sites again.

good luck and write me personally if you have any more questions.


> Ruth, do you use "softserts" by Minimed

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