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Re: [IP] Pre-pump training

Congratulations on your successful prepump! I go for my training in three 
days and go live right away.  Today my three month supply of sillouettes 
came from MM and I didn't want to be nervous when I went for training, so I 
followed the directions and put one in myself (no insulin though)  It 
doesn't hurt at all and it didn't hurt going in.  Good luck!! --Gianna

>My son had his pre-pump training Friday and is now wearing a loaner pump 
>saline in it.  I am so proud of him!!  After all these months of wishing 
>hoping for a pump (and then worrying how he would do with it), he went
>through the training like it was no big deal.  At the end of the session, 
>drew up the saline, primed the pump, inserted the Tender and hooked it up.
>He actually inserted two Tenders- the first one was too shallow and was
>hurting him, so he took it out and put another one in.  This may not seem
>like a big deal to some of you- my son will be 16 later this month- but he
>has learning disabilities and he is extremely shy.

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