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[IP] 450 UNITS & Graves disease

Kathie asked:
>If you use 405u a day, how do you fit it in your pump?  I thought 
> that the MM pump resv. holds 300 units.

you are correct kathie.  The MNMD reservoir only holds 300 units.  The person 
who needs more than 300 units in a day must refill his reservoir at least 
once a day.  and some of us complain about doing it twice a week....Yes, 
there ARE some people that DO need this much insulin.  It is not because they 
are a "bad' person or eat 15,000 calories a day or their diabetes is 
unbelieveably out of contrl.  In many cases, it is due to other auto-immune 
or medical problems.  As you all know, when you get diabetes, you can 
sometimes get a whole host of other endocrine problems

AND speaking of endocrine problems
Barb wrote:
> You got me now! I thought Grave's disease was hyperthyroidism. 
> Sounds like you are hypothyroid. Did they give you medications to 
> stop your thyroid over-function and then put you on synthroid?

I think you mihgt have missed this guy's first post.  I believe he said his 
doc had called at 9pm to tell him that the radioactive iodine had been 
successful, which while stopping the HYPER thyroid (aka Grave's disease), it 
also stops the thyroid from working at all...hence the person is now hypo 
thyroid and must take synthetic thyroid.

I had graves disease for a while in the early 80a, but it was put into 
remission with a year of drug therapy.  Thank goodness...i am grateful for 
every frigging pill I DO NOT have to take

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